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Concept Artist / 2D Artist

Eludor's Portfolio

Concept Artist / 2D Artist


About Me

In August 2011 I have finished my study in Game Design at the Design School Schwerin / Germany.
Before that I was a regular student in Germany with a Mid-School degree.
I am always curious and always on the look for new techniques or other helpful things to become a better artist.
It's important for me to have fun in my job and to have a good time with my co-workers.

Here's my digital sketchbook started in 2009:

My Showreel 2011:

My Deviantart profile:

"Becoming a draftsman is the easy part;
everyone can learn the basic fundamentals.
To be a successful concept artist you have to
have drive and determination, be creative and
unique and you must enjoy what you do!"

- Bart Tiongson (Digital Painting Techniques Vol. 3)
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